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'Just Like The Waves' - PRESS


'Just Like The Waves' is the second release from the latest EP written, composed, and produced by Elinor Sitrish & producer Adam Chavez

'Just Like The Waves' is the perfect pop tune for the end of winter and the beginning of spring...:)

It talks about the search for that one special love we’re all hoping to find during our lifetime, and about the ups and downs, we are facing during that search. It seems like no matter how many times we try and fail, how many times we love and break, and how many storms we face, we eventually pull ourselves back together, and with a scarred heart, we keep on searching for that love, because at the end of the day, love is fundamental to our existence, and we all wish to arrive to our safe shore, just like the waves...

The song has been released on March 24, 2023, and is now available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy!

HMMA's Best Original Song Nomination for 2022

Exciting news!
‘STILL ALIVE’ is nominated for BEST ORIGINAL SONG at this year's HMMA awards!!! 
Thank you so much @hmmawards for the nomination! 
Congratulations to all other nominees :)


Elinor Sitrish's new single 'STILL ALIVE' is finally here! 

On September 1st, 2022, after a long wait, the singer-songwriter released her new song 'Still Alive' which was written and produced by her and producer Adam Chavez! (The Deep West, MXRTY THE PXRTY)

‘Still Alive’ has an important message that many people are expected to relate to. It’s about a toxic relationship and finding the strength to get back on one’s feet!


The official music video for the anticipated track has been released simultaneously with the single and both are available to watch and listen in all music platforms... Enjoy!

Still Alive - Behind The Scenes...


This is the place to thank the incredible team of people who contributed their talents to make this song and its beautiful video come to life:

Still Alive - The Song:

Songwriters: Elinor Sitrish & Adam Chavez

Composer: Elinor Sitrish

Vocals: Elinor Sitrish

Music Producer: Adam Chavez

Co-Producer: Elinor Sitrish

Mixing & Engineering: Adam Chavez

Photographer: Easton Schirra

Still Alive - The Music Video:

Director: Adam Chavez

Producer: Elinor Sitrish

Co-producer: Udi Hen

Assistant Director: Joe Chavez 

Assistant Director: Michael Dye

Director of Photography: Mikey Gauthier

Assitant Camera/Gaffer: Ben Smith

Makeup: Kathleen Rodriguez 

Editor: Tyler Winther

Colorist: Gavin Chin

On-site Doco Photography: Udi Hen 

Location Manager: Kri 

Much gratitude and respect to you all! 

I love you,



August 26, 2021 - Happy International dog day.

"My precious Lady came into my life a few years ago when I met my dear husband. She was a dirty neglected puppy when she was first found on the streets, from there moved to a shelter, then to a home that had to give her away at some point due to personal reasons… Luckily, my husband was in the right place at the right time and decided he will take care of her and provide her a good, happy, and stable home for good! Since then, she has been nothing but a huge blessing to us both! A year after I met my husband, we decided to get Lady a friend, and then came Charlie…! and the love and joy we’ve received from Lady just doubled! Words cannot express our love and gratitude for these two little Patzos! They have completely changed our lives and expanded our hearts Now, here is a cool connection:

I decided to write my first children’s book a few years back (before I met my husband) and there was born “Welcome home Muffin”!

A book about compassion, love, and friendship. It took me some time to finish the execution part …but I finally did it! 

🥁🥁🥁I’m happy to announce that my first children's book is out and available on Amazon!  I hope my book will inspire you and your loved ones to adopt and to give a new chance in life to someone else! Remember, there’s always something good we can do for others and the reward is something that money cannot buy, and words cannot explain! Always chose to be the light."


Much love, Elinor ♥️

Patzos 2.jpeg
Welcome Home, Muffin! .jpeg
Eli & Charlie.jpeg

HMMA's Best Blues Song Nomination for 2019

nom sartificate.jpg
1R AC.jpg

This November 2019, Elinor Sitrish's 'One Reason', is recognized and nominated as the best blues song by the HMMA organization. 

Elinor is honored by this nominee. 

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (HMMA) is the first award organization to honor original music (Song and Score) in all visual media, including film, TV, video games, trailers, commercial advertisements, documentaries, and special programs.

The HMMA nominations have historically been representative of the nominees of key awards shows announced months later.

The HMMA main event features live music performances, celebrity presenters, tributes to music industry icons, and awards for composers, songwriters, and artists. The HMMA also celebrates emerging, independent artists and music influencers from around the globe for creative and innovative contributions.

To listen to One Reason :

Congratulations to Elinor Sitrish for taking 2nd place in the Unsigned Only music competition for 2018 under the VOCAL PERFORMANCE category with her original song 'One Reason' 

Elinor Sitrish

Unsigned Only is open to all artists who are unsigned to a major record label, and over the years it has become an important source for discovering new talent.

Since its inception in 2012, four Grand Prize winners have been signed to major label record deals.

Winners were selected from over 6,000 entries submitted from 95 countries.

All entries are narrowed down to a group of finalists that are given to the panel of judges whose task is to select the winners. The panel is comprised of renowned recording artists, managers, and music supervisors, including Aimee Mann, O.A.R., Frank Foster, David Crowder, Jack Ingram, Grouplove, and many more. Judges also included music journalists from the Chicago Sun-Times, Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, Yahoo Music, The Boston Herald, NY Post, and many more.

For the complete list of winners click here:



Songwriter: John Winston Lennon

Vocals: Elinor Sitrish

Piano: Roy Braverman

Produced by: Roy Braverman&Elinor Sitrish

Studio: Studio City Sound

Mixed by: Andrew Schwartz

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum 

Photographer: Michael Bezman

Photo editor: Kateryna Khomych

Special Thanks:

Jamie Papish

Craig Realley

Nevanka Kundacina

Tatyana Hmelnitskaya 

"Imagine" was written and composed by the legendary musician John Lennon in 1971 yet is still so relevant nowadays.

Let’s awake as many hearts as possible and do our best to create a better world by teaching and learning 

unity, peace, love, and kindness, and by celebrating life every day!




Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Written & composed by: John Winston Lennon

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
(by Blood Sweat And Tears)

Now on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon 


Vocals: Elinor Sitrish

Piano: Roy Braverman

Bass: Craig Realley

Studio: Studio City Sound

Mixed by: Andrew Schwartz

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum 

Photo: Diego Razera

Style: Amit Sidi

Yuval Ron Ensemble's NEW ALBUM

featuring ELINOR SITRISH is coming out in October 2017!


Come and join us in this exciting afternoon to witness the new CD release concert of




The ensemble's long-awaited brand new album explores new musical territories and promises an exhilarating message of UNITY across people of different nations, races, religions, and cultures!

October 29th, 2017 @  4PM

at the University Synagogue

11960 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Admission: FREE

***This event is also a charity event to benefit people experiencing homelessness***


"Dear friends,


The past few months were pretty amazing! 
The response to my last tour with the incredible Yuval Ron Ensemble was beyond imagination! 

My biggest wish as a musician is to be able to touch souls and open hearts through music.

To be able to move what is standing still. To be able to wake what is sleeping deep.

While I was singing to you, something incredible happened!

You turned into an echo of the sounds we created and your beautiful souls and big hearts touched and opened mine!  

I would like to thank everyone who came out to our concerts.

Thank you for allowing us to take you for a ride in our neighborhood!

Together we created magic!

I love you all,

Elinor. "

"The concert in Havana was a joy...Thank you for beautiful music from the heart and thank you for the lovely inclusion of the Coro Diminuto, which was a stunning conclusion to a fantastic event. "

Ruth Behar, anthropologist, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

"It was a joy to set up concerts for such a top-notch ensemble.....your beautiful music and sense of respect and collaboration strengthen the bridge that we are always building towards a future of cultural understanding between the US and Cuba."

Sage Lewis, Project por Amour, Los Angeles, CA

"The concert  at the synagogue in Havana was touching."

Deborah Kapchan, Department of Performance Studies, New York University, NYC, NY

"Yuval Ron Ensemble's performance was absolutely perfect! it was a festival highlight for me! "

Barbara Leonard, Global Current Festival Curator, California State University, Northridge, CA

"Thank you for such an inspiring concert and for spreading happiness among people in the stressful world we live in. The blending of anecdotes/stories as references for the songs made the evening transcendent. "

Ranjanaa Devi, Director

Fine Arts Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

"This was sacred temple music and sacred drama. It was truly an amazing ensemble performance with all support. Elinor's voice, gestures, and swaying body transport people to an elevated space outside of the personal self to a transpersonal realm. "
Robert C.

"My eyes in tears ecstatically."
Hadith B. (refugee from Somalia living in Portland, ME)

"I left the concert with a stronger feeling of hope that this bright light will triumph in the end. I was honored to be there last night to experience the music of your grace and beauty. My deep gratitude for that gift...….."
Robert R.

"We were so very moved by your presentation. Thank you for your many gifts to us."
Craig W.

This group is the most incredible ensemble put together in eons.....a must-see and sit and enjoy…
Nick N.

"A breathtaking concert"
Ms. Siraj, Lexington, MA

"Thanks again for such a great evening"
Brian V, New York ( radio DJ, world music programming)

"Thank you for an incredible concert"
GloryAnne, Music teacher, Wellesley College

"I was in tears when the Ensemble and Dervishes led us in praying for peace, so many people praying together for peace, it brought me to tears"
Janice W.

"Marty loved the concert and told me her friend was brought to tears"
Barry S.

"This work that you do is more important than ever!"
Dr. Dennis L. (surgeon)

 R  E  A 1 S  O  N
E  L  1   O  R    S  1  T   1  S  H

Sometimes all we need is just ONE reason...

I definitely have more than one reason to thank all the wonderful people who are part of this :)


Elinor Sitrish: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Composer, Vocals

Roy Braverman: Co-Writer, Co-producer, Recording Engineer, Piano

Jamie Papish: Drums and Percussion

Craig Realley: Bass 

Jordan Hemphill: Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Studio: Chez Roy

Mixed by: Phil Anderson

Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum 

Photographer: Michael Bezman

Photographer assistant: Nevenka

Styling: Amit Sidi

Model: Peter Nakhle

I could not have done it without you!




Here's an opportunity you shouldn't miss!!!

February 28 - March 6, 2017

Join an AMAZING tour to Havana, Cuba with







THE BOOTH is a groundbreaking, weekly live music performance show on Periscope. Artists big and small perform 3 songs and interact with viewers in between each song by answering questions and comments in real-time.

Elinor Sitrish will be performing and answering questions at THE BOOTH on Thursday, June 30th at 10 PM EST/7 PM PST.

Elinor Sitrish is honored to be featured in the

American Pride Magazine!

Check out the interview here:

Radio Interview Announcement!


Great News!

Elinor Sitrish will be interviewed on A.V.A Live Radio!

Listen to "Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax" on

Thursday, May 19 at 3 PM PDT!


Go to: